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Dryden Township Library

Donating Items

Donating Materials to the Library

We will gladly take books or Dvd's and add them to our collection.

Items that can't be used will be put into our book sale, we reserve the right,

at our discretion, to dispose of items we can't use or deem unusable.

This is a list of the items or materials we do not accept.

Items that are unhealthy to handle, dirty, moldy, smelly, soiled, chewed, wet,

insect damaged, or otherwise damaged or outdated materials. If you wouldn't

give it to a friend, please don't give it to the Library.

The library also does not take textbooks, encyclopedias, condensed

books (reader's digest), professional books or journals, old travel guides,

vhs tapes, computer games, computer software or computer guides.